After ten years of exercise and improvement, we reached our full height and we can develop a network of franchises

paellas and tapas


In a first place, the priority is given to midsized towns with more than 100,000 inhabitants (minimum surface 150 sqm).


For the simple reason that in a smaller town it is easier to carry out marketing, create events and convert the restaurant in the place to be. It is also very important to find a place with a #1 location. ARTESPAÑOL can also be implanted in an existing bar or restaurant as long as our specifications are respected. However, please note that we will be happy to study any business plan in city centres, business districts and shopping malls.


Our team will manage the organization and execution of the construction or renovation of your restaurant, according to our specifications:  a typically Spanish décor combined with unique and identifiable elements designed exclusively for Artespañol. 


The key for a successful franchise is the motivation and diligence to investigate and research during the creation of its network. Profitability, financing and know-how are the pillars of this effort.

After having considered the different modalities, ARTESPAÑOL Paellas and Tapas creates its own franchise network in order to share and transfer its know-how providing franchisees with a range of quality products.

The strength of ARTESPAÑOL is the duplication of its products through the standardisation in the creation of paellas, fideuás and tapas in order to maintain the brand image. The menu was carefully designed to optimize the use of each ingredient in order to minimize storage and improve stock turnover.
ARTESPAÑOL Paellas and Tapas clearly shows its desire to lead the network, maintain and develop the brand image.

Our processes, know-how, initial training, operations manual and management software are the best assets to successfully manage you ARTESPAÑOL restaurant and bar. Our team will always be available to assist you, help with ratio analysis or any kind of advice.


  • Invitation to tender
  • Sales speech adapted to the targeted clients.
  • Negotiation with suppliers
  • Listen to customers comments to adapt the offer
  • Create customer loyalty
  • Administrative management


Our pilot restaurants are based in Barcelona where we turn every theme evening in a great event (live concerts, flamenco shows, thematic weeks etc.) These tools combined with relevant communication supports are an excellent way to attract more clients.

Our communication department will help you setting up a local communication plan to increase sales and customers:

  • Personalized page on our website.
  • Press kit to make the most of your local contacts.
  • Diverse marketing and communication tools and materials.
  • Place-mats, menus translated in 12 foreign languages.
  • Advertising flyers
  • Business cards
  • Posters 


This method of communication using network resources is a way to create added-value and provide franchisees with additional services. The Extranet of the website is a way of improving and making easier the relationship between all the members of the organization. ARTESPAÑOL developed its own online tool to provide franchisees with a permanent access to up-to-date information: operations manual, technical sheets, central purchasing tool, human resources management, communication tools etc. The benefits are great: fast and up-to-date information.


ARTESPAÑOL’s franchise network is based on a total control of the manufacturing process in order to assure the quality standards are met in all the restaurants.


Products are stored in our warehouse in Barcelona or at our partners’ in France and distributed to all our restaurants.


The objective is to manage purchases for all affiliates and offer the best buying conditions thanks to economies of scale and discounts for the whole group. It also includes product analysis, supplier research, negotiation but also distribution, organization and documentation.

ARTESPAÑOL is always available to guide and assist the franchisees

ARTESPAÑOL is always available to guide and assist the franchisees:

Before the opening

  • Assistance to find and negotiate the premises 
  • Assistance for the feasibility analysis and negotiation 
  • Development of the retail space.
  • Training of the franchisee and staff
  • Assistance for some administrative procedures

At the opening

  • Stock delivery and set-up
  • Furniture and equipment delivery and set-up
  • Launch promotion
  • Assistance and training at the opening

After the opening

  • Ongoing training.
  • Advertising plans and marketing actions.
  • Meetings, seminaries, committees, …
  • Periodic visits (control, organisation, help)
  • Hotline
  • Data processing 
  • Respect of financial and contractual commitments
  • Defence of the brand


ARTESPAÑOL Investment refers to the nature and amount of the outlay and the specific investment which you would need to put into our brand Artespañol prior to operating.

Artespañol can fit into either an empty premises or by acquisition and transformation of a pre-existing restaurant or brasserie (with a restaurant license). It must be a restaurant-/bar-type with seating for between 75 and 120 people (not including the terraced seating), i.e. greater than 200m2. The base is dependent on the premises and the shell of the building but it does not take into account the right to lease or the possible acquisition of the business.

  • Franchise Fee: €30,000 net.
  • Works: €1,200 – €1,500 net/m2.
  • Initial Stock: €10,000 net.

 Working capital.

The total investment is dependent on the size of the premises, the number of seats, the condition of the premises and structural work but not on the right to lease or the acquisition of the building


The knowledge of the geographical area and a facility to relate are considerable advantages to start an activity of Artespañol franchisee. The franchisee will apply the working methods developed from our experience and know-how acquired in our pilot restaurants ARTESPAÑOL of Barcelona.

The qualities to be a good franchisee are:

  • Have a commercial instinct
  • Adopt the rules of the franchisor’s operation and not have a will of exacerbated independence
  • Have a “network spirit”
  • A solid experience in business management or a good knowledge of the business environment is an important foundation. More specifically, the profile of the franchisee that we encourage is that of the executive in search of professional retraining

The keywords for a successful franchise are:

  • Harmony.
  • Listen out
  • Coordination
  • Motivation.
  • Autonomy.


The pre-contractual information document will be delivered during a personalized interview:

  • Information regarding the franchisor
  • Company’s presentation
  • Professional experience of the founder
  • Direct debit
  • Information regarding the brand
  • Evolutions and history of the franchisor’s company
  • Annual accounts of the last two years of the pilot restaurant
  • Presentation of the market
  • General market situation
  • Local market situation
  • Prospects for market development
  • Expenses and investments
  • Type and amount of expenses and investments of the franchisee candidate to open the franchise
    Exemplary and annexes of the franchise contract


  • A truly innovative thematic restoration concept
  • Effective communication with the help of numerous tools
  • A concept available in different forms and modulable
  • A reasonable investment for a solid profitability
  • A collaboration win win (winner-winner)
  • A complete package to start in the best conditions
  • A great expertise put at your fingertips by a hospitality and communication professional
  • A sector in full expansion that is not affected by the crisis
  • A regular job that affects little or nothing the phenomenon of seasonality
  • Adherence to a truly dynamic and organized structure in full growth
  • A permanent monitoring adapted to your needs

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